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When we talk about web portal, we mean to a cyber gateway or doorway. In the other word, web portals are trying to get advantages from numerous related websites and take them together in a one place which is implemented to provide the daily needed content and services and prevent the diffusion of content.

Now a days 75% of online business and work is done through different types of portals. Reason of using web portals is easy to trace your customer, keep all information about your user, automatic communication with your customer, light weight, easy maintenance and all in one place.

Forums are the basic need of a web portal. In the Web portal, forums are collections of articles that might include news and announcements, knowledge base articles, community questions and comments, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). By these forums you and your users can eaisly communicate with each other in an efficient way.

Web portals provides a point of access to invisible web cultural content that may not be indexed by standard search engines. Digitised collections can include books, artworks, photography, journals, newspapers, music, sound recordings, film, maps, diaries and letters, and archived websites as well as the descriptive metadata associated with each type of cultural work.

Portal solutions can also include workflow management, collaboration between work groups, and policy-managed content publication. Most can allow internal and external access to specific corporate information using secure authentication or single sign-on.

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