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Database Management

Database is the heart of any web application, if it is not working properly it will degrade your application either by performance speed or by data inconsistency. Security of database is also an important issue because if database lost means your business lost or even more worst than this. We have separate department for database management to ensure its integrity, security, consistency, performance, right schema design, relationships, size etc. important factors.

Databases are the hidden workhorses of many organisations’ IT systems, holding critical business intelligence and carrying out hundreds of thousands of transactions each day.In many ways, the database has become a commodity.

We specialize in building business models, such as retention, cross-sell and response models. We offers analyses that show customer behavior from every marketing channel-Web, direct marketing, sales, call centers and operations. We provide the best, quick and reliable data management support services from the small proprietor to big corporate

Data Clean Up Our scripts can detect duplicates or problem records at regular interval of time an optimize database.

Email Management & MarketingWe provide customize service in handling of incoming and outgoing email for business or other organizational needs. Email marketing is a unique medium that allows our client to engage their customers and prospects with regular communication, that is personalized, relevant and anticipated. Email marketing can help change prospects into long-term, profitable customers.

Webcab Technologies Offers You

  • Scheme design
  • Database optimization and analysis
  • Script writing
  • Shrinking Database Size
  • Normalizing Database
    • Database management

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